Great to have you here! We are excited to create a new way of knowledge sharing without borders. We hope to make you curious about our approach to enable educators and students to work together in a creative, learner-centric environment which provides the freedom and the inspiration to think and create.

Or you are a professional, looking for a way to keep your team aligned, informed and on the same page at all times. 

We do research in the field of individualized learning, new ways of knowledge sharing and collaboration and we searched for tools which can help to make the transition from the industrial age coined education towards a future oriented, individualized learning approach that aims to guide students to learn how to learn. Something that can then be extendend to also help in the knowledge work environment professionals live in today 

We had the feeling that we should put concrete action behind our research and create a software, together with teachers, which helps with exactly that. We are excited and thrilled about this opportunity and we hope so are you .... then join us here:  www.iloveilka.com - the FREE Visual Knowledge Collaboration is a world wide community of educators and business professionals, which you can join with or w/o the FREE iLKA iPad app.

iLKA is the FIRST 4th generation learning software