As a knowledge worker you already know your way around and are able to lead and work in teams. You also know that it is sometimes quite challenging to have everybody on the same page in a non-trivial project that calls for cross-functional participation.

Alone keeping information up-to-date and current for every member of the team is not always the easiest thing to achieve even with web-based, specialised tools and shared file services, you will always experience that the latest changes to your presentation didn't make it to everybody in the team, even you just had a presentation and sent the slides to the file-server ...

We all know these meetings where you have to prepare the slides, send them over to everybody in preparation to the meeting and then, 10min before, you discover a glitch, or you get some last minute changes, or some information that changes some of the message and therefor needs to be incorporated. Even if everything is going smooth to the point when you are standing in front of the team. Some are there, some not so much.

Going over a slide deck is a little bit like frontal education ... preaching to the crowd. Even when people fully participate and have suggestions you will have a hard time to get their ideas reflected in what you have currently on the wall.

That situation can change completely with iLKA. Your meetings and presentations become interactive. Everybody can contribute AND integrate his/her idea into what is currently up at the wall. It is instantly integrated and reflected not only at the wall but onto each member's individual system.

Everybody leaves the meeting with the same set of ideas that have been developed together in the meeting in addition to the prepared information. Better than that, whenever anybody of the team contributes some changes to his system it can get synchronized automatically with all team members.

No way that you miss a bit of information related to the project, but the biggest thing about it is: Meetings become actually fun again :) ...