As an experienced teacher you know about the value of open end questions. Surely you also know about the importance of letting the student find the own, individual way to "wisdom", his/her answer to the question. You know all that, because you have already been amazed by the creativity of your students, when they approach one of your open end questions and you happened to let them go wild ... :)

iLKA has shown us some pretty amazing things when we tested the pedagogical design in schools for three years.

From the student's perspective it is the plain fun of creation. They create their own picture of the topic at hand. All you did is ask an open end question and give them the choice to work individually or in groups. Then you can observe how learning happens and guide where necessary.

From the teacher's perspective iLKA gives invaluable insights into the understanding process of the individual. Looking at the creation of a student about a research topic you assigned to him, while it comes into existence you can observe how categories are built, how and where links and relations are created in the understanding of your student and you can even filter specific interests and talents you would never discover with any other existing software out there.

Key is to provide the freedom for being curious and creativ. If you once experienced the flow of thoughts and the imaginative energy that is released you will never want to go back to "presentation mode" . You will be addicted to experiencing the hands-on visible "knowledge-building" process.

We know it, we have been there. :)